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years  from the  year   Yikrti to  the  year Parthiva (are as
follows) : —

The years of Acyutaraya's rule                        ...        12

The months of Salike Timmaraja's rule.         months    8

The years when Ramaraja ruled  on behalf of

Sadasivaraya.                                                      22

As Eamaraja was defeated and slain by the five
Padushas the years of anarchy (that
followed).                                                              5

The year  of the  rule  of Tirumalaraya who

crowned himself at Pemigonda.                             1

The years of the rule of S§rf Rangaraya.           ...        14

While Snman Mahamandalesvara  Rajadhiraja  Rajapara-
mesvara §r! Vira Venkatapatidevaraya having been crowned
was ruling .................. the  keepers of the  revenue   records

(atham^am) on being summoned in the current year Para-
bhava corresponding to Saka year 1526 expired and command-
ed to produce the old accounts pertaining to the lands formerly
given to the seventy-seven palegars, brought the old accounts
and read before Yenkatapatiraya thus :

Vijayanagara SantrZjyamu — Mac, Mss* 19-1-59; BK5,rat* VI, pp. 621-22.
19 (b).

The first Raja was of Kurumba caste named Bokka Rai

and his son was Harihara Rai.   It was Raja Deva Rai who

conquered the kingdoms of the Kings  of Kerala and other

kings.   After this we hear of the Dhavalai (dalavay ?) as if the

power of Rai declined for a time, and yet after  this  we hear

the names of Mallikarjuna Rai, Virupak§i Rai, !§adasiva Maha

Eai, and Immadi Timma Rai ; then Narasimha Rayar of Tulu

blood asceoded the throne and conquered several provinces

*ad extended the kingdom and  assumed the title  of Raja

Pwameivara Rai Maha Rai.   His eldest son, Vira Narasimha

Eii, ruled from A.D. 1487 to 1508* and made a treaty with the

Portuguese.   But his  younger brother, Kpsna Rai, with the

e reigns of ^nva Narasimba, Imma^i Narasimha, aad VIn
t unpcjlal throne.